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Complex issues require joint efforts

Why co-creation

At WorldStartup we believe an inclusive and regenerative global economy is the way forward for a sustainable future

The first step in creating an inclusive and regenerative economy is finding the right partners. Complex issues require joint efforts. That is why we work with a multitude of partners on tangible solutions to create shared value.


15 September 2022

Co-creation is key to innovation




We brought the community together at The Hague Tech on September 13 for an interactive session where all participants had a chance to share their ideas and collaborate with others who are enthusiastic about tech in government.

Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Project Manager and Service Designer

IMEC participant's story "Tiller expands to the United Kingdom"



#United Kingdom

Tiller bv is a unique company from The Hague with an innovative product: a hand truck with a motorized lifting system.

Governments' innovation starts with understanding your challenges


Daniël Steginga and Alwin Veldboom have supported the Municipality of The Hague with formulating a Challenge for Startup in Residence with the Worldstartup Challenge Discovery & Definition process.

Daniël Steginga

Managing Director of WorldStartup


Hackathon for Good - The Hague

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WorldStartup & The Hague Tech

Innovation hubs

Together We Make Innovation Fly

Sustainable Aviation

Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA) is a runway for innovation. It is a hotspot where entrepreneurs, researchers and students bring innovation and sustainability to life. Together, we create a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable future for the aviation industry. It is made possible in part by the European Fund for Regional Development and Kansen voor West II.

Centre for Civic Innovation

GovTech NL

Technology is key to keeping pace with the growing need for a strong and trustworthy relationship between the government and the public. The GovTech NL programme accelerates the development of new products, systems and concepts for bright and positive cooperation in the public domain.

Innovation in Humanitarian Sector

Coalition of Humanitarian Innovators

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